Christian Education Policy

Education Policy


Purpose – to bring believers to be conformed to the image of Jesus (Romans 8:29) through an encounter with the Living Christ (Phil.3:10) in accordance with our Spiritual Objectives.  All of the activities, exercised under the leadership of the Education Committee, need to draw out our Core Values as expressed in our Spiritual Objectives and in accordance with our Statement of Faith.


Administration – this Education Policy applies to all the Education ministries in F.H.C.C. an shall have the oversight of:    AWANA, Sunday School, Kidz Church Youth, D.V.B.S., Day Camp, Library, and any future educational ministries and take leadership over the outreach opportunities that these may provide.


Education Committee:

   appointed and approved by the joint Board

   chairman of the committee to be appointed and approved as per 15.2.1 of    

   General Operating Bylaws

   . minutes to be kept and distributed to committee members of each meeting


Note – appointed to the position of AWANA Commander, Sunday School

Superintendent, Kidz Church Coordinator, or Youth leader(s) should not be viewed as an automatic appointment to the Education Committee.


   . Education Committee may decide to appoint smaller sub committees from 

     from within other numbers to more efficiently deal with matters as they arise.


   . One such sub committee will be responsible to search our curriculum which

     exalts Jesus Christ and points us to Him.  Curriculum must present the 

     indwelling Christ as our LIFE!    John 10:10; Matthew 7:14 


Qualifications of Leaders, Teachers, Workers


- It is desirable that all persons who participate have an understanding of,

And a desire to mature in Christ as stated in the following scriptures: Galatians 2:20; Romans 6:3-4; Philippians 3:10


- It is desirable that all persons involved in teaching and training being in attendance and participation in all “Deeper Life Conferences” as provided by the church, i.e. Thirsting for God, and Christ Life Conferences etc.


- Handbook Leaders and Listeners in AWANA, as well as teachers in Home Bible 

Fellowship, Sunday School, Youth ministries, Kidz Church, DVBS, and Day Camp will undergo training and direction in this most important part of ministry, never losing sight of our Purpose and Vision to exalt or Living, Resurrected Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ! 


- The Education Committee must make certain that all persons in F.H.C.C. have a clear understanding of the gospel.  The gospel is Jesus Christ.