Maigen Bundy

My relationship with Christ started in earnest when I moved to Kirkfield. I met a lovely Christian woman who reached out to me and invited me to Fair Havens Church. I was a mother with a newborn and a toddler. I was working full-time and life was relatively peaceful. My husband and I were struggling, but nothing, I thought, we couldn’t overcome, in time. Life was busy. When the children entered school, I began seriously looking for a church family. Life got busier and my marriage started to fall apart. I needed a full-time permanent position but was in a part-time permanent position with contract work that I had to seek out each year to fill the rest of the week. I began praying and talking to the Lord more often as I sought guidance and support and strength. I filled the void in my life with work and more work. It helped to gain me a full-time permanent position but not without some mountains to climb. I turned to Christ more and more as I realized I was not enough to manage my busy, stressful, strife-filled life. He was always there and provided me with much peace and comfort. I decided to leave my marriage. That year was filled with anxiety, grief, worry, and turmoil. It was a tough year. I had support from loving friends and family. I was not alone and I believe that the love being poured out to me was a gift from Heaven. Without any real thought, one night over the Christmas holidays, I accepted Jesus into my heart and proclaimed by belief that He is the Son of God, who died on the cross for my sins. I professed my sins and asked for forgiveness. That night gave me peace in my heart and the strength to move forward with my life. To make decisions that I was previously too overcome with self-doubt to make. I began to understand the need to trust and allow myself to be led by the Lord. I returned to Kirkfield and my church family at Fair Havens.  The understanding and desire to allow the Lord to lead me was something I still struggled with. I prayed and sought mentorship from other Christians, and tried not to rely on my own control. My ability to truly let Him lead me did not fully begin until I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Once I gave up the need for control and gave it to God, I have noticed he has made Himself known every step of the way of this crisis. From the medical team he has gathered the outpouring of support, prayers, and resources from family, friends, neighbours, and my church community. I am still growing in the Lord. He is my healer, my father. He is the One who sees my magnificence and on whom I rely. He is making me new and my life in Christ begins fresh each day as I turn to Him for ultimate direction. I am learning to see myself through His eyes. I am learning to love myself the way He loves me and forgive myself the way He forgives me.  I am learning to let go of preconceived outcomes and trust myself. Since coming out of treatment and experiencing healing – spiritually, emotionally, and physically, I am now learning to see others through this same lens. To see them as God sees them. As beacons of bright light who are also loved and forgiven. It is not a struggle to do this. It just feels right. Through the Lord, my children and I are safe and loved in His hands, no matter what.