Short Term Mission


March 4-20, 2019: —  Pastor David and Ann Sparrow have just returned from South AFrica where they were on missions for 9 days in Adelaide in the Eastern Cape Province partnering with the Bible Zone.

5. Africa Mission’s Trip: March 4-19, 2019

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Spiritual Objectives

Our mission was to encourage and stimulate the Christian communities in four geographic locations of the Eastern Cape Province in partnership with the Winterberg Baptist Church.  

Our opportunities were good.  By God’s grace and through His enabling we were able to witness an increase in numbers at the meetings we ministered in over August 2018 visit. The foundations laid in 2018 served well the opportunities experience in the past two weeks.  All of the meetings experienced a 100% increase and the responses from the people we ministered among were extremely positive.

We had opportunity to minister in 16 meetings.  At these there were 6 clear Gospel messages shared. The remainder we shared the Gospel of Grace in Christ. There was obvious signs of great encouragement and the challenges that went forth were positively received.

The message was presented through a music ministry. Keith Sparrow carried the bulk of the music ministry while I did the bulk of the sharing of the Word. Scriptures were carefully selected to couch the and introduce the songs which presented the springboard to launch the challenge from God’s Word.

Educational Objectives at Bible Zone Christian Child Care

Ann and Rebecca focussed on preparing lessons to teach the six challenged children in the school some of the basics of food preparation in an attempt to better prepare them down the road to be able fend for themselves.  The day commenced with a time of devotions for the children and teaching them Christian songs.

Amped 2 Go International Leadership Exchange purchased the following items to equip a kitchen for the children to work out of:

A two-plate oven, a microwave, an electric kettle, a snackwich maker, a set of three pots, a set of two fry pans, plates, cutlery, dish towels, basins, buckets, and hand towels.

The children learned how to:

make a cup of tea, make a sandwich, make spaghetti bolognaise, cook rice and ground beef, and more. A system has been set up for the children to make themselves a lunch every day and Amped 2 Go are funding the supplies for these meals on an ongoing basis. Every day the children and staff will get a good lunch.

On one day we took the children to the beach in Port Elizabeth.  This is a two- and half-hour trip from Adelaide.  The children were very excited about this.  We had rented a VW Transporter Kombi that could seat 8 and together with Kevin’s Toyota Tazz we were able to get everyone to the beach.  On arrival in Port Elizabeth there were gale force winds on the beach that had blown in Blue Bottle jelly fish onshore, so the beach was not able to be used.  We found a well sheltered park around the corner from the beach with a marvellous playground and we had a great time with the children. This was a long day for the children and very busy for everyone involved.

The teacher has a two-year-old daughter whom she brought to class every day.  It was very apparent that this was a hinderance to the learning environment. The solution to this was to get the child registered at a local Christian day care.  Amped 2 Go is paying the Day Care costs monthly for the child to attend the day care.  Once the child was cared for in this favourable manner the attention to caring for the 6 high needs children improved greatly.

Supervision of the teaching has been handed to Wendy Tesnar who will check lesson plans and bring the encouragement to the teacher to see ongoing improvement to the education of the children.

Material Objectives at Bible Zone

Attached to the Winterberg Baptist Church in Adelaide is a row of classrooms, all of which open outside toward the church. This means to move from one classroom to the next one has to step outside and then back inside to the adjoining classroom. In order to move between classrooms especially in the winter doorways need to be broken through the interior walls to allow movement from one classroom to the next without stepping outside. One classroom pair has already had this done but there is a need to link three classrooms in this manner.

The iron roof of the building needed to be nailed down as it has become loose over the years. This was done.  The roof was also repainted. Beside the aesthetics this improves the condensation of dew on the roof and better runoff to collect much needed water. This objective was achieved.

New gutters were needed to ensure all the runoff is well drained off to the sides.  These new gutters were purchased and fitted to the roof.

It is the intent to buy 4 rain tanks (CAD$500.00/tank) to store the runoff from the roof.  One for each corner of the building. The foundations for two of these tanks was dug and laid. 

A large corner of the school yard that was covered in sisal was cleared for a garden.  The children will be taught how to garden and will grow vegetables that they will be able to consume.  The fence around the school has been repaired to keep the wandering livestock out of the property and away from the gardens.  These gardens will be watered from the erected water tanks. 

On the Friday after we left the one doorway through from two of the classrooms was created.  Funding has been left to pay for:

The work started to be completed, the purchase and installation of two more water storage tanks, the repair to the external plaster of the walls, replacement of the broken glass to the windows and the repainting of the entire building. The exterior will be whitewashed, and the interior will have an enamel paint cover that is able to be washed.


The trip was extremely profitable by God’s grace and enabling.