Morning Ladies Life Group @ 538 Portage Road, Kirkfield ON K0M 2B0 

1.  Every morning starting at 9:30 a group of ladies meet in Kirfield to study how the Scriptures( the Bible) encourage women. They often will end their study with a fresh walk for those who are able.

Afternoon Life Group @ 144 Cedar Beach Road Unit 44, Beaverton On L0K 1A0  new venue — 35 Greenwood Crescent, Woodville ON., K0M 2T0

2.  Starting at 1:00 p.m. this Life Group meet in Beaverton and are also studying Larry Smith’s book "Christ Our Life”. This takes the believer into a very deep understanding of what it means to have Christ as Life.  All Christinas know Christ as Saviour.  Some know Christ as Lord but few know Him as our Life.  Explore the depths of this statement. This group will be moving to Western Trent for the Winter.

Mulock’s Life Group @ 1694 Kirkfield Road, Kirkfield ON K0M 2B0  This Life Group is on Hiatus from March 3—March 20

3.  7:00 p.m. in Kirkfield is another Life Group that are currently studying The Grace Discipleship Course By Lee Turner, Ph.D.

We are setting people free with grace — not to sin — but to live in freedom and allow the Holy Spirit to move through them.  

The Grace Discipleship Course is the result of a lifetime of Scriptural study filtered through the soul of the author as providential experiences led him through depression and burnout to the Cross in brokenness, and finally to Sabbath rest in the sufficiency of Christ as he realised his co-death and co-resurrection wtih Christ.

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